Service Spotlight: Industrial Fan Repair

In addition to designing, fabricating, and supplying large, mechanical drafts fans for industrial applications, we also service them. In fact, we offer on-site fan removal, repair, and installation in as little as three days. 

Efficient and Durable Industrial Fans

At ProcessBarron, we meet your industrial centrifugal fan, fan rotor, and structural support needs, right here in Alabama. We design and produce industrial fans with longevity and efficiency in mind. Each fan is built to withstand even the harshest conditions in air, gas, dust, and material handling applications.  We use materials from simple carbon steels such as ASTM A36, to high-strength carbon steels such as ASTM A514 and even use the noble and exotic materials such as Hastelloy C22. Through high-pressure, high-temperature, corrosive, and dust-laden erosive environments, you can be sure that these fans will hold up to their task, provided they are shown proper care and regular maintenance. 

Industrial Fan Repair Services

In the event that a fan fails or malfunctions, emergency repair and testing is critical to getting a plant back online as quickly as possible. Our expert field crews provide on-site welding and millwright services for your equipment. We have a full arm of engineering and fabrication capabilities to support our field crews. Our team can replace parts that are exact duplicates in geometry and material construction.  Even though we are replacing a component in kind, rest assured that we are confirming the design structurally and mechanically to make sure it meets our standards.  

Some of our services include:

  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Duplicate construction and in-kind replacement
  • Complete rotating assembly repair or replacement
  • Fan blade or wear pad replacement
  • Fan blade reinforcement
  • Static and dynamic rotor balancing, both shop and field
  • Rotor natural frequency testing 
  • Spare impellers and components
  • Damper repair and replacement
  • Shaft repair and replacement 
  • Housing repair and replacement
  • Motor repair and replacement
  • Performance and mechanical upgrades
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) and fatigue studies
  • Computational fluid dynamic studies for upgrades 
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Field technical services
  • And more!

The equipment we service includes:

  • Mechanical draft fans
  • Inlet control dampers and actuators
  • Expansion joints
  • Circulating oil systems
  • Housings
  • Motors and other drivers
  • Shaft and hub
  • Bearings – antifriction and sleeve type
  • Couplings … gear type to elastomeric 
  • And more!

We supply the labor and supervision required for installation of all new and repaired impellers.  Every new component has a one full-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials. 

You’ll Feel the Difference

While regularly scheduled maintenance is the most proactive way to protect your plant’s operations, unexpected problems will undoubtedly arise. This is why you need an emergency maintenance plan in place. 

Our fan repair services have consistently provided as much as 50% cost savings for clients compared to OEM impeller pricing. Plant downtime means that operations are halted, which means that money is not being made—to keep money in your plant’s pocket, you need to get it back up and running as quickly as possible, and our AWS certified craftsmen have experience executing full penetration weld process plans that allow them to quickly address any problems you experience.   

Schedule regular fan maintenance, or contact us for emergency fan repair and installation. We will keep your plant operating without interruption.  Should you have an unfortunate failure and find yourself in an emergency situation, when every minute counts, you can count on ProcessBarron to get you operational as timely as possible.