Service Spotlight: Fan Balancing & Vibration Analysis

fan balancing

We’re highlighting our expert fan balancing and vibration analysis services this week. Our dedicated teams are ready to find the best possible solutions for all of your efficiency and cost-saving needs. 

Fan Vibration Analysis

Fan vibration problems can be a result of several aspects such as: debris accumulation on the fan rotor, uneven wear at the fan rotors that handle dirty gasses, open wounds on ID Fan rotors that trap abrasive particulate between the blades and wear plates, fan rotor members cracking from fatigue factors, etc. These problems can cause your industrial fans to vibrate more and can lead to unbalance forces that can damage the fan bearings and other associated fan components
Often, fan bearing support members can degrade and act independently of one another resulting with nonlinear amplitude responses. It’s been seen in the past as the support structure degrades. Support natural frequencies shift downward within the fan rotor operating speeds and residual unbalance amplitudes can be amplified as much as 10X.
If not properly checked, the causes of excessive 1X (operating speed) amplitudes can lead to catastrophic fan failures, which will lead to costly outages. Our expert fan vibration analysis team can provide complete comprehensive analysis quickly and offer recommendations to eliminate excessive amplitudes which can cause damages at associated fan components such as bearings, bearing journals, couplings, drive equipment, and support members, as well as the fan rotor itself.
Fan vibration analysis and fan balancing are both essential to not only improving efficiency in your facility, but also extending the life of your industrial fan—saving you money in the long run. We have a team completely dedicated to field fan balancing, who can solve any field fan vibration problems you might be experiencing. 

In-Shop Fan Balancing

Proper fan balancing can minimize a wide variety of problems, and ProcessBarron is fully equipped to provide the service you need. All wheels manufactured or repaired by us are balanced in house in accordance with A.N.S.I.S. 2.19, using a quality grade of G6.3—G2.5 or G1 grade based upon in service operating speed. Balancing equipment utilized in house is IRD Mechanalysis 290T Balancing Computer utilizing soft bearing production balance stands. The sizes of our production balance stands range from 5,000, 25,000 and 75,000-lb. capability. Our 75,000-lb. stands can be easily modified to handle well over 10,0000-lb. fan rotors. 
Our professional in-shop fan balancing is conducted at approximately 240-300 RPM, with the IRD computer analyzer compensating for the actual in service operating speed of the industrial fan. Our service team will balance your facility’s fan wheel to the correct manufacturer’s tolerance specification. We’ll also provide you with a detailed and certified wheel balance report. 

Onsite Fan Balancing and Analysis

Process/Barron Technical Services technicians utilizes CSI 2140 balance / analysis / and alignment equipment. We provide field balancing as well as analysis of all aspects including mechanical, support and or aerodynamic. Analysis includes any issues with sleeve and or anti- friction bearings regardless of vendor, drive coupling issues, resonance issues, fan component cracking issues, natural frequency testing and modal analysis of fan support structures.
Ask yourself, would you rather have a regular independent balance contractor trim balance your fan rotor and walk away or a Fan Vendor Service Technician, who while onsite reviews your entire fan system during the balance procedures? Not only is he reviewing the causes of the unbalance issues, he is also evaluating the fan’s health, as well as associated fan components such as fan bearings, dampers, expansion joints, fan housing members, support components, drive members, etc. to ensure that no other immediate repairs need to be implemented. Upon completion of the field balance procedures, the technician can suggest recommendations for upcoming outages to keep your fan system healthy.
ProcessBarron Technical Service technicians offer onsite installation consultation and new fan start-up services as well as regular outage fan inspection services working with plant personnel and/or plant chosen contractors.

Fan Performance Optimization

Our team is able to evaluate your specific production requirements and recommend design changes for efficiency upgrade solutions in your fans. 
For more information on our professional fan balancing and vibration analysis services, get in touch with ProcessBarron today.