How ProcessBarron Can Help Your Plant in 2019

industrial plant

In business, no matter what type of plant or facility you operate, the most important year is the next one. Long-term success means preparing today for tomorrow, and the best way to do that is to make sure you’re doing everything you can to guarantee the health and productivity of your plant.

In 2019, plants will have to become more efficient and cost-effective to make it in a competitive environment. This is true for power plants to cement and lime plants, steel plants, and everything in between.

What you do in 2019 will help ensure the competitiveness and performance of your plant for the future. Here’s how ProcessBarron can help.

Retrofits and Upgrades to Critical Equipment

In every plant, no matter what the type, there are critical pieces of equipment that dictate a lot of what happens to a plant’s productivity and ROI.

In power plants, for example, boilers have to be as efficient as possible. In cement and lime plants, the material-handling equipment has to be working at full capacity to avoid slowdowns.

When these pieces of equipment become outdated, or they wear down naturally, then plant operators have an important choice: do we keep repairing the old piece of equipment, or do something to make it good as new – or better?

In some cases, making repairs is the right call. But in other cases, it’s more cost-effective to retrofit an older piece of equipment or outright upgrade it altogether.

ProcessBarron has helped plant managers make these key decisions and then fulfill them by designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing plant equipment retrofits and upgrades. This method avoids having to repair the same piece of equipment over and over again each time it breaks.

The result is more efficiency not just for the near term, but for the foreseeable lifespan of the upgrade.

Custom Equipment for Custom Applications

We have been in our line of work long enough to know that not every plant is the same as every other plant in the same industry.

There will be times you need something built for one of your applications, a custom piece that has to be created for your specifications because no off-the-shelf solution will do.

At ProcessBarron, we design and fabricate custom equipment for a variety of applications. Our engineers consult with you and identify what you’d like to do and what it’ll take to get the job done, then draw up designs that can be fabricated and installed.

Sometimes, our customers didn’t even know something was possible until they consulted with our team and found out that a custom piece of equipment could improve something beyond what they were used to. That’s a benefit from working with ProcessBarron engineers; you can get exactly what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it.

Meeting Regulations

Finally, regulations like emissions controls and other requirements need to be met in order to avoid stiff penalties, and that will be just as true in 2019 as it was in 2018.

ProcessBarron helps plant managers meet regulations and stay on the right side of emissions control standards through analyzing, optimizing, and maintaining your systems and processes. Sometimes, the process needs to change. Other times, you need a key upgrade or a new piece of equipment in order to control emissions.

At all times, a professional team can help you meet all regulatory requirements – not just the ones that exist now, but the ones that will exist in the future.

ProcessBarron offers a wide array of services to all kinds of industries. Protect your plant and keep it operating as it should in 2019 and beyond by contacting our team.