Not Every Engineering Solution Has to Be Complex


It’s important that power plants, fuel producers, and other facilities in the energy field constantly update and upgrade their systems to the latest technologies and best practices.

But some facility owners believe that every upgrade that results in more productivity and efficiency has to be complex – and expensive.

As ProcessBarron has demonstrated, sometimes a relatively small upgrade is needed in order to generate outsized returns for a facility’s productivity.

Creating a Simple, Economical Solution

ProcessBarron was recently contacted by a producer of biomass fuel in the form of Black pellets. The plant produces over 275,000 metric tons of these pellets on an annual basis, and is the first full-scale commercial Black pellet facility on the planet.

The client had a problem with a vibrating screen for their conveyor system. The screen was unreliable and wasn’t being used as intended, which means it wasn’t contributing to productivity or efficiency for the plant. The screen needed to be removed, which would leave a hole in the system. Possible solutions included adding a new conveyor to the system, which not only would’ve been costly, but would’ve been just another system for them to operate and maintain – thereby straining resources.

ProcessBarron was approached to offer a simpler, more economical solution that solved the problem without straining resources and causing additional problems. Over the course of the project, ProcessBarron:

  • Removed the deficient vibrating screen
  • Extended the tail end of their existing incline drag conveyor by adding a new bend section and a horizontal loading section
  • Installed a new transfer chute between the existing screen feed conveyor and the newly extended incline drag conveyor

Doing so not only solved the problem; it avoided the costly alternative of creating and installing a new conveyor system. The client was happy with the results, particularly the relatively low cost of the project and the savings they generated by not having to employ a more complicated solution.

Adaptation over Creation

Sometimes, adapting an existing design and infrastructure is better than creating an entirely new system. Many facilities in the energy field can improve functionality and productivity by simply revamping their existing systems with creative engineering.

ProcessBarron has been able to demonstrate to its clients how innovative engineering can resolve problems without incorporating complex and costly solutions. That creates opportunity for a facility to invest those saved funds into other areas of the business that need attention – and ultimately helps them move forward.