Made in the USA


At ProcessBarron, we’re incredibly proud to be able to say “made in the USA” when it comes to our products. All of our fabrication is done in America. Many of our competitors utilize engineering from India and fabrication from Mexico. Every company does whatever they feel is best for their business model—and we feel it’s best to fabricate everything in the United States. 

Because we don’t import many parts from other countries, we don’t have shipping delays when it comes to receiving them. Our overall turn around time is much faster than that of our competitors—which is especially important during a global pandemic

The Benefits of Manufacturing in the United States

While many companies are moving overseas in search of cheaper production and labor costs (again, what they think will be best for their business model) oftentimes it pays to keep your company based right here in the United States. There are several benefits to choosing a manufacturer based in the U.S.—especially in the long run. 

Reduced Delivery Costs

Locating manufacturing facilities sometimes saves on labor and production costs, but the logistics costs associated with shipping things halfway around the world have increased exponentially in the past few years. When your manufacturing is kept in America, you save significantly on both inbound and outbound delivery and shipping costs. You’ll also eliminate the risk of miscommunication due to language barriers or differences in currency when you go with American delivery companies—creating a much smaller margin for human error. 

Shorter Lead Times

Manufacturing in the United States also saves you valuable time in the production process. When your goods have a shorter distance to travel, they can be delivered much more quickly to your customer. This not only accelerates the sales process, but also enables more accurate forecast responses. You’ll have money in your pocket much sooner, too. 

We can’t talk about shorter lead times without talking about the Amazon Effect. We’re living in the digital age, which means customers expect products to arrive within a very short amount of time. With American manufacturing, you can keep shipping costs lower while still meeting your customers’ expectations. 

Higher Standard of Safety and Quality Control

Being closer to your production facilities, and already offering short lead times, will allow you to ensure that all products fit set standards and specifications. If a problem arises, you’re better able to catch it and correct it quickly. You can be confident that all materials being used in your facility adhere to safety and quality standards alike. 
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