Keeping Boilers & Burners Optimized Saves You Money—Here’s How


Time’s passage carries a sting to it in a number of applications—and that certainly rings true in industrial processes. However, there are remedies to help ensure continued application efficiency and healthy bottom lines. Proactive treatments and tune-ups can prove especially beneficial to boilers and burners, which have a penchant to suffer settings drift as time goes along. While not a total failsafe, boiler and burner optimization certainly offers a fair amount of payoff. 

Counting Costs

There’s little doubt that industrial operations incur costs due to boilers and burners. High temperatures, excess soot and dirt, leaky components, and general damage all take their toll on boilers and burners, leading to settings drift. This, in turn, can start to spell trouble for process-wide equipment productivity, fuel economy, and boiler performance. And costs rarely end there; big chunks into a business’s bottom line becomes a likely byproduct. 

Throughout industrial boilers and burners’ lifecycle, costs accrue. For instance, most boilers eclipse their initial cost four-fold when considering just one, singular factor: fuel usage. Figure in boiler damage and stress over time—and that’s potentially adding even more hefty sums into the mix, depending on the severity. 

How Optimization Helps

While costs associated with boilers and burners may border on constant, they can dip significantly with routine maintenance that considers operating demands. Burners that undergo regular tuning in the summer and winter repay in increased efficiency. These tune-ups entail calibrating a precise fuel-to-air ratio, which accounts for warm air during the summer and cooler air in winter. 

This being said, boiler and burner tuning is an exact science; continued safety and efficiency hinge on it. Every two percent uptick in oxygen can render a one percent loss in efficiency. In effect, a botched tune-up matches an out-of-tune burner in insufficiency. The painstaking process requires expert knowledge and handling. 

The Main Key: Expertise

There’s little doubt—boiler optimization underlies successful savings for bottom lines. Proper upkeep and tuning serve as precursors, which necessarily entail expertise. 
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