Infrastructure Week 2017: Why Our Infrastructure Is Failing—and How We Can Turn It Around

infrastructure week

Infrastructure Week is here, and ProcessBarron is committed to participating in the conversation about improving America’s infrastructure. Currently, it’s crumbling—an ineffective and outdated design for our modern needs.

But it’s also one of the few issues that Democrats and Republicans, business and labor communities, and local and national leaders can agree on. In both the public and private sectors, people are stepping forward to invest in new projects and technologies that will allow America to bring its infrastructure into the 21st century.

The Importance of Infrastructure Week

In a time when America’s roads are literally buckling beneath our feet, it should go without saying that it’s time to have a serious discussion about improving the condition of our roads, bridges, airports, water and sewer systems, energy grid, and more.

This week, we’ll be helping to spread the message that it’s #TimeToBuild. American businesses, elected leaders, workers, and everyday citizens will be encouraged to invest and participate in projects and technologies that will keep America safe and successful in a world of increasing concern over the stability of our infrastructure.

Getting Involved and Speaking Out

There are a multitude of ways that you or your organization can get involved in Infrastructure Week 2017, and we’d like to encourage you to participate in whatever way makes the most sense for you.

  • Become an Affiliate—This option costs nothing, and you won’t be asked to promote specific legislation or a political agenda. You’ll simply join hundreds of other groups across the nation to emphasize to our national leaders that it is #TimeToBuild.
  • Plan an Event—Whether it’s an infrastructure field trip, a lunch and learn, or a seminar, you can rally support for Infrastructure Week simply by spreading the word.
  • Talk About It—Publish an op-ed, arrange an interview with local media, or write a blog post for your company. There are so many ways to talk about the importance of this week—the possibilities are almost endless!

ProcessBarron Supports Infrastructure Week—and America

Here at ProcessBarron, we’re passionate about showing our support for America, its leaders, and its people. We’re dedicated to speaking out this week about the problems we see in the nation’s infrastructure and the importance of improving it.

Whether or not President Trump follows through on his promise to increase spending on infrastructure, ProcessBarron will always do whatever we can to support manufacturing and industry in the United States—and we’re ready to say that it’s #TimeToBuild.

Learn more about Infrastructure Week here.