How to Select the Right Biomass Boilers Manufacturers

biomass boilers manufacturers

Biomass is taking off and has a bright future – which is why biomass boilers manufacturers are racing to supply the industry with the advanced boilers it needs.

Boilers that are manufactured today typically are either custom-built for biomass production, or are really modifications made to coal-fired boilers for co-firing with biomass, another major trend and a transitionary process from coal to biomass. Finding the right boiler, with the right specifications, means finding the right biomass boilers manufacturers who design and construct them.

Here are the qualities and characteristics that are important when selecting manufacturers to construct your plant’s boiler system.

Experience Reigns Supreme

Widespread, mainstream biomass production as a legitimate alternative energy source is only a few decades old, starting with the first subsidies in the 1970’s. For that reason, experience is even more important when it comes to finding the right manufacturer.

You want a company that has extensive experience not just in boiler manufacturing, but in making custom boilers for the biomass industry. A coal-fired boiler has enough differences from a biomass-centric boiler system that it’s not enough to just select a company that makes just any boiler.

Choose a provider that has extensive, detailed experience manufacturing biomass boilers.

Longevity and Reliability

Not every biomass boiler is created equal. The best boilers are those that reduce the plant’s total cost of ownership (TCO), which is the cost of acquisition plus the cost of maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

To lower your TCO, find biomass boilers manufacturers whose systems are engineered for longevity and reliability. The longer your boiler can last, the lower your TCO will be and the more money you’ll save. Additionally, the fewer repairs you’ll have to make. Your annual maintenance charges will be lower as well.

When researching manufacturers, ask for the expected lifespan for your new boiler. Longevity and reliability aren’t the only factors, but you want a manufacturer who has a reputation for making boilers that can endure high cycle volume for years to come.

Flexibility with Upgrades and Retrofits

Sometimes, you may not need a new biomass boiler. Sometimes, upgrading or retrofitting your current boiler (such as a coal-fired boiler) is what you need in order to take advantage of co-firing opportunities.

Finding a manufacturer who specializes in boiler upgrades and retrofits can be challenging. It is possible, though, and well worth your time and effort because of the improved results you’ll see and the benefits you’ll experience from a contractor who has worked to upgrade or retrofit boilers in the past.

ProcessBarron’s Boiler Division strives to provide this flexibility for its customers who are in need of efficient, cost-effective biomass boilers. For more information on choosing the right partner to move forward with your strategic and operational goals, contact ProcessBarron engineering specialists.