Common Sense Solutions to Minimize Emissions

“Common Sense Solutions to Minimize Emissions”

When it comes to minimizing biomass-powered plant emissions, there are simple steps every plant can take that can reduce the need for costly back-end emission reducing equipment.  In an article for Biomass Products & Technology, Cliff Moss, Vice President and Director of Material Handling at Process Barron, outlines common sense approaches to reducing emissions and maximizing efficiency.

  • Plants that are forced to run boilers at a lower level to scale back emissions lose productivity and efficiency, which quickly becomes very costly. Fortunately, there are smart equipment options that help maximize efficiency while reducing particulate emissions. From the biomass fuel delivery mechanisms to the boiler combustion air systems to reliable mechanical dust collector operations, proper biomass air and fuel handling techniques can not only minimize emissions, but also increase BTU output from your boiler.

Read the article in its entirety Biomass Products & Technology.

With over two decades in the industry, Moss is an expert in the unique characteristics of biomass material handling, air handling and ash handling equipment.  Please contact Moss at 866-307-4318 for a consultation of how your plant can benefit from equipment modification or upgrades.