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Category: Pulp and Paper

How the Paper Industry is Thriving in the Digital Age

Even in the age of digitization, smartphones, and tablets, the paper and forest products industry isn’t budging—instead, it’s shifting its focus. Keep reading for highlights on the industry’s areas of growth, including potential innovations in packaging and the overall value chain.  How Digital and the Paper Industry are Working Together… Read More

The Latest News in Pulp & Paper

A global initiative called Two Sides, whose goal is to promote the sustainability of print and paper, is tackling misleading environmental claims made by large corporations all over the world. These companies are pushing serious misconceptions about “going paperless,” using the environment to sway them. Two Sides has been challenging… Read More

Pulp and Paper Waste Converted to Fish Feed

Pulp and paper experts in Sweden are set on creating new bio-based products from the waste generated in pulp and paper mills. Pulp and Paper Waste Doesn’t Have to Go to Waste Raw materials used in many industries are often expensive and in high demand. By using the by-product of… Read More

2019 Projections: Pulp and Paper Industry Market Growth

The pulp and paper industry dominates in North America, Northern Europe and East Asian countries. In 2019, industry leaders will be pressed to innovate as the market shifts. While many may think that, in our increasingly digital world, the pulp and paper industry is dying, reality tells the opposite story—the… Read More

The Latest in Pulp and Paper News

The pulp and paper industry is moving into 2019, and there have been a lot of interesting developments to emerge from field. Here’s an overview of what’s happening in the pulp and paper industry and how it could impact businesses moving forward. Demand for Hardwood Fiber Drops While Demand for… Read More

Pulp Markets Quarter One Figures

The first quarter of 2018 proved to be a record setting period for the international pulp markets. Wood Resource Quarterly is reporting that the Global Softwood Fiber Price Index, or SFPI, has risen by 3.4% from the previous quarter. Also, the WRQ has reported that all 20 regions (except for… Read More