Benefits of Industrial Efficiency Programs for Your Plant

aerial view of a manufacturing plant

Could your plant benefit from increased productivity, reduced emissions, and new profit opportunities? Industrial efficiency programs take an innovative approach to combating the issues that prohibit your plant from reaching optimal production levels. 

For 30 years, we have helped many industrial facilities reach new levels of efficiency. This experience, combined with adjustments in customer needs and advances in technology, led to the development of our new state-of-the-art Industrial Efficiency Program. The IEP uses cutting-edge technology that provides a multi-faceted examination of your systems to create energy savings and reduce emissions for your plant.

Here are some of the recurring benefits we have seen from implementing an industrial efficiency program. 

Maintenance Benefits

Performance optimization is at the core of industrial efficiency. Well-maintained equipment improves reliability, reduces waste, and increases productivity. In every industry, routine maintenance is essential for extending the lifespan of your equipment and achieving maximum operating efficiency.

Proactive planning can significantly reduce costs and enhance your ability to make decisions that help you prioritize tasks and increase safety. Other potential benefits include reduced spending on ancillary materials and labor and the potential for creating savings through reduced energy consumption. 

New advancements in the use of drone technology provide cutting-edge data and imagery that greatly enhance the understanding of your equipment and systems. The detail and accuracy provided by drone inspections through aerial, thermal, and internal equipment scans greatly increase your ability to plan for and schedule maintenance. Drones are thorough, fast, reliable, and improve data analysis for your plant. Watch a video demonstration here. 

These maintenance benefits directly impact production. 

Production Benefits

When equipment issues are addressed quickly and effectively, your plant has a lower probability of experiencing unplanned downtime. This creates an optimal manufacturing process that provides improvements in the equipment life cycle, reliability, and output; thus, making production demands easier to meet and even exceed. Many plants also notice a reduction in production cycle time as equipment efficiency improves, creating opportunities for increased throughput.    

Your customer depends on you to deliver quality products on time. As production reliability increases, you are better able to meet these demands, which aids in developing trust and lasting confidence with current and potential clients.  

Work Environment Benefits

One often-overlooked benefit to industrial efficiency programs is their impact on company culture. The most important of these benefits is employee safety. Proactive planning, equipment knowledge, system performance understanding, and a reduction in potential hazards are outcomes developed from industrial efficiency programs.   

In addition to these benefits, employees appreciate being a part of a well-run team. An industrial efficiency program increases productivity by planning and executing a strategy before emergencies arise. Your team will love working in an environment where every day isn’t an emergency. 

Environmental Benefits 

Industrial efficiency programs focus heavily on reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions to meet your corporate sustainability initiatives. Improving equipment efficiency reduces your carbon footprint while minimizing hazardous waste and particulate emissions. 

A beneficial industrial efficiency program includes a comprehensive review of your system that includes external and internal inspections. While the external inspection provides the benefits stated above, it also can assist in adding context to the internal technical analysis and findings.  Our internal system testing evaluates power, temperature, pressure, velocity, gas properties, particulate matter, and other valuable metrics associated with the specific system being evaluated. The results frequently present opportunities that can increase efficiency and significantly reduce energy costs and carbon outputs. This thorough technical analysis is used to develop recommendations to increase operational efficiency. 

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In reality, the benefits of engaging in an industrial efficiency program are unique to your plant but extensive in opportunities. Many benefits that are not initially considered include reduced costs related to rental equipment, the spin-off issues related to production delays, issues associated with access and entering hazardous areas, adherence to corporate sustainability goals, and the advantages received through rebate or incentive programs.  
Our IEP technicians have extensive experience exploring plant production systems to identify ways to create cost savings and reduce emissions through optimal system performance. Reserve an IEP appointment here to learn more about how your plant can experience these benefits firsthand.