The Benefits of Custom-Designed Industrial Air Dampers

industrial air dampers

Industrial air dampers serve a vital purpose in industry. They are integral parts of a comprehensive air handling system that help control airflow through industrial fans – which has a direct relationship with the power and efficiency of the fan system.

Not all industrial air dampers are created equally, though. There are many diverse types, and an out-of-the-box solution may not fit your fan configuration. That’s why custom-designed air dampers are recommended, designed, constructed, and installed by experts who specialize in engineering air handling systems for a diverse range of clients.

Built to Specifications

Custom industrial air dampers are built according to the specifications a customer has in the operating environment. These specifications vary from facility to facility, and include everything from pressure and temperature to airflow regulation and other critical requirements.

Meeting these requirements is even more crucial when an environment requires specialized dampers. For example, when an environment requires low levels of pressure drop and leakage, low-leakage slide gate isolation dampers are usually necessary. If isolation is required, one can even incorporate zero-leakage isolation dampers.

Judging by requirements, these can be outfitted with either electric motor actuators or chain drive actuators.

Getting the Right Dampers for the Right Job

Custom dampers also allow for a variety of specialized dampers to fit various needs within a facility.

For example, louver dampers can be designed for either opposed blade or parallel blade configurations. Parallel blade louver dampers are preferable for when variable control dampers are needed for fixed flow balance control and open-close service. Opposed blade dampers are used when the system needs air flow control or balance with on-off service.

Butterfly dampers can be well suited for either flow control balancing or open-closed service. They can be constructed with round, square, or rectangular blades. Additionally, they can be paired with electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual gear actuators – and each can come with pneumatic or electrical positioners.

The array of choices is almost innumerable, and gives engineers a wealth of options to meet virtually any operating environment.

Ordering Custom Dampers

ProcessBarron specializes in engineering, constructing, and installing custom industrial air dampers that can fit virtually any combination of specifications in the field. Additionally, our team has in-house technical expertise that can design dampers for corrosive or elevated temperature environments. Our field crews can install equipment, inspect the site, and evaluate your current configurations for efficiency and troubleshooting.

Contact ProcessBarron to learn more about industrial air dampers and getting a custom-designed system in place.