A Comparative Analysis of the IAQ Program

The “Inspect, Advise, Quote” (IAQ) program from ProcessBarron is a ground-breaking approach that provides customers with unmatched service and knowledge. Customers can have their equipment inspected and analyzed by industry professionals who advise them on the most cost-effective repair or replacement choices. We chatted with Mike Piazza, Air Handling Manager, and Larry Stanley, Air Handling Application Engineer, to learn more about the IAQ program and hear their perspectives on how it operates and why customers find it so helpful.

Industrial Fans: To Repair, Reuse, or Replace?

“The IAQ process starts when a customer’s fan is delivered to our facility,” said Piazza. “Our Quality Control team examines the equipment to determine its condition and spot any issues that need to be fixed. After creating a thorough report explaining the necessary repairs, the crew provides the customer with an estimate for the work.”

Stanley added, “The inspection’s goal is to determine whether the fan can be repaired, which equipment components must be repaired, and which may be reused.”  

He highlighted that in some circumstances, the cost of repairing is a small percentage of the cost of a new assembly, and in others, it is more expensive. 

“When faced with the stress of equipment failure, operators must determine the best option that most effectively reduces the probability for recurrent or related issues. They appreciate the opportunity to learn how repairs can provide the results they are looking for. Our goal is to be the guide and offer the best solution.”

IAQ Program Benefits: Speed and Insight

One of the main advantages of the IAQ program is the competence and mastery brought to the table. Expertise matters because time is of the essence in our line of work. The IAQ program is designed to leverage this expertise to move fast while providing insightful advice from our ‘total system solution’ perspective.

Piazza emphasized, “Our engineers and technicians have decades of expertise dealing with equipment throughout the system. We built our team for emergency repair, and each person receives comprehensive training on handling rush projects. Clients know they can count on our team’s urgency and ability to deliver results. This efficiency helps customers avoid costly mistakes while making an informed decision about repair or replacement.”

“Customers value the degree of detail and openness that ProcessBarron offers throughout the IAQ process,” Stanley added. “This is crucial because our clients depend on us to help them understand how repairing or replacing a fan affects efficiency and their budget today and over the long run. We ensure that customers fully understand the ins and outs of the required repairs and the associated costs. This transparency instills trust, confidence, and satisfaction with the work.”  

In response to a question about how the IAQ program stacks up against competitors, Piazza said that while some rivals might offer less expensive options, the added value of ProcessBarron’s program is found in our comprehensive analysis and proactive solutions designed for optimal long-term benefit.   

“We take pride in going above and beyond to help our customers understand their choices. This approach helps customers make informed decisions about their equipment. Identifying possible issues and providing preventative solutions reduces the likelihood of expensive failures and maximizes equipment lifespan. Customers save money in the long run.”

On-Time Expertise, Long-term Value

The IAQ program is unique in the industry. We ensure our customers receive the best possible service and support by providing expertise, transparency, and a range of options. 

“We’re not trying to sell our customers something they don’t need,” Piazza explained. “We give them the optimal solution for their equipment and business. We strike a balance that doesn’t compromise urgency or insight into how decisions affect long-term value.” 

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