Optimize Your Kiln ID Fan

fan energy efficiency Upgrading a fan for maximum efficiency and energy conservation is often a wise business decision that can lead to a favorable and positive return on investment (ROI). Technological advances have made it possible to upgrade existing infrastructure to create more efficient processes that save resources, as was the case when Mitsubishi Cement elected to optimize its kiln ID fan located at its Lucerne Valley plant in the United States.


Initial testing in 2002 and 2003 discovered that its kiln ID fans were only operating at 55 percent static efficiency. One of the causes was the shape of the blade itself; the types that were in use at the time were installed in 1980. The decision was made to upgrade the rotors to more efficient shapes, a decision that would increase efficiency but also create additional design obstacles that needed to be overcome.


After a rigorous design and testing process, the upgraded fans were eventually installed and optimized for peak efficiency at maximum production values. Mitsubishi Cement will realize superior ROI as a result of their decision to optimize such an important component of their overall processes.


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