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Anatomy of a Coal to Biomass Conversion

coal to biomass conversion

In 2011, ReEnergy Holdings LLC acquired the Black River Generation facility at Fort Drum, the home of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division near Watertown, NY. The Albany-based company had plans to convert the decommissioned coal-burning power plant into a biomass-fed powergeneration facility that would supply the military installation and surrounding communities with electricity.


ReEnergy hired D&S Engineering, LLC, which turned to ProcessBarron to supply much of the new fuel handling equipment, which would transport wood scrap derived from local logging efforts — as well as construction and demolition material — to the plant’s existing boilers.


ProcessBarron contributed key components to the robust biomass fuel system that is capable of keeping the 60-megawatt generation facility firing while handling the stringent requirements dictated by the military installation’s restrictions on fuel delivery


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