Three Overlooked Benefits of a Proactive Draft System Assessment

In the quest for improved plant energy efficiency, one of the most often overlooked culprits of energy drain is the draft system. Anything from improper fan installation to extremely dampered operation and especially leaky ductwork can create an inefficient draft system.

These problems and other culprits can be identified through a simple draft system assessment.

With both cost and energy efficiencies high on everyone’s priority list, a proactive draft system assessment can put you ahead of the curve in energy efficiency and provide an even higher ROI than you might expect. Consider the following benefits:

  1. Minor Modifications Instead of New Equipment
    Many times what may be deemed a “fan problem,” that would require a substantial replacement costs, could actually be remedied by a simple de-tip (reduction in effective diameter) to minimize energy drain.  Instead of just focusing on one problematic piece of equipment, ProcessBarron takes an in-depth look at the entire system to understand the true issues that can plague your system.
  2. Easy Increase in Energy Efficiency
    Feeling pressured to optimize energy efficiency within your plant to meet new standards? Poorly designed ductwork can result in substantial pressure drops and leaks that can burden a system’s efficiency.  A draft system assessment can help identify relatively simple changes that can bring about increased performance while minimizing energy costs.
  3. New Eyes = Improved Efficiencies
    “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” The same thing can be true when looking for ways to increase plant efficiency. Sometimes opportunities can be overlooked by those involved in the process every day. Recently, ProcessBarron was called to assess a draft system and discovered that one of the reason the system wasn’t performing up to expectations was because the internal shipping braces had never been removed by the original fan installers, leading to significant pressure loss at that point in the draft system.

ProcessBarron’s highly experienced team can bring a fresh perspective and simple, cost effective solutions that can generate substantial energy savings for your facility.  Contact ProcessBarron today to schedule a draft system assessment.