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Massachusetts Donates Millions to Support Biomass

Thanks to the Department of Energy Resources for the state of Massachusetts, five infrastructure projects will receive grants for their work in increasing the availability of low-carbon heating fuels such as wood chips and biofuels. The grants for all five projects amount to $2.89 billion dollars and are part of an initiative by the MDER to provide more renewable energy sources for the state.

Companies are benefiting from the grants in the following ways:

One company, given $426,035, will use their grant to build a storage warehouse that they will use as a showroom. They also plan to use the money to perform full testing and certification of wood chip boilers and other emission control systems to U.S. and UL standards.

A Plymouth-based heating and cooling expert will use their grant of $225,250 to build a mixing tank that will combine renewable biomass with conventional fuel sources.

The most grant money awarded out of all five projects went to a Dalton-based company. With their grant of $1 million, the company plants to purchase equipment for the handling of wood chips, from processing to storing to delivering. The project will also require the purchase of a vehicle to deliver large volumes of wood chips.

Another company, awarded $350,000, will also invest their grants in the creation and delivery of dried wood chips. To do so, they plan to purchase a large chipper, live-floor trailer and chip screen, and they will build a chip storage building with an asphalt pad.

Lastly, a lumber and logging services company, awarded $885,000, will also use their award for the MDER to process, handle, store and deliver dried wood chips as biomass. They plan to purchase a vehicle that will allow them to deliver dried wood chips to residential and commercial fuel silos.

Because of the requirement by the MDER for the above companies to match their grant awards, Massachusetts will see around $6 billion in biomass developments as a result of the original grants.

Biomass Boiler Market on the Rise: $10 Billion by 2024

The biomass boiler market is projected to grow dramatically in the next five years, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent during the time period. This growth will result in the industry exceeding $10 billion by 2024.

Biomass boilers do the work of heating biomass so that it can be converted into fuel. One of the main drivers behind their projected growth is the fact that they emit very small amounts of carbon dioxide. As the world copes with the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, biomass boilers offer a great solution.

Also, the reason why biomass boilers have such a high potential for making an impact in the next five years is because they can be widely used by large establishments like hospitals, colleges, hotels, large commercial buildings and more.

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