The Essentials of a Good Bottom Ash Conveyor

bottom ash conveyor

A bottom ash conveyor is an essential piece of equipment for an ash handling and solid fuel bottom ash process. While there are several different types, the general characteristics and features of a bottom ash conveyor are the same.

What features make for a good bottom ash conveyor? What should you look for when ordering one for a plant or facility?

Customization for Specific Projects

One thing to avoid is ordering a one-size-fits-all solution. The better alternative is a custom solution that takes into account the needs of the facility itself. Since many conveyors are being purchased to replace or upgrade an existing system, the new conveyor has to fit in seamlessly with what is already there (unless the entire ash handling system is being upgraded).

Superior Design and Construction

Bottom ash conveyors should be designed and constructed to incorporate advanced features that add to the overall performance of the conveyor system.

For example, water-tight bearings are essential if using a wet bottom ash handling system, like a submerged conveyor. Additionally, heavy-duty welded chains are important because they reduce stretching that is frequently found with dual strand submerged conveyors.

An air-tight seal is also important–one that keeps unwanted air out while still allowing for efficient transfer of ash and materials from the furnace system.

Longevity and Reliability

An ash handling system undergoes a large amount of wear and tear over its life cycle. Replacing a system more frequently than desired can become prohibitively expensive. It is far better to order a system that has a longer lifespan, which means reliability and durability is at a premium.

Examine the materials used in construction as well as the specific design for the mechanism. As mentioned above, heavy-duty welded chains add extra durability to a component that often undergoes significant strain.

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