Precision Industrial Maintenance

  • Quality control hold points
  • Equipment rebuild and reconditioning
  • Precision alignment
  • Installation
  • Vibration analysis and balancing services
  • Precision rotating equipment
    • Comprehensive preventative maintenance programs
    • Fluid drives
    • Pumps (process, multi-stage, vertical lift, etc.)
    • Compressors (centrifugal, reciprocating, etc.)
    • Gear reducers

Precision Turbine Maintenance

  • Participants in BLRBAC standards and recommendations
  • Mechanical drive steam turbines
  • Repair and maintain
  • Service plans
    • Provide a structured proactive based approach composted of periodical inspections and required maintenance that meets and exceeds OEM recommendations.

Precision Laser Alignment

  • Real-time laser alignment reporting

Precision Fabrication and Machining

  • Full-line machine shop
    • Focused on repair
  • Precision repairs in a controlled environment
  • CNC Plasma
  • Reverse engineering capabilities

24/7 Emergency Response Capabilities!