ProcessBarron Announces SafeTBrake For Industrial Parallel Fan Systems

Pelham, AL. (April 3, 2023) — ProcessBarron, a leading provider of total system solutions for industrial and manufacturing clients, announces the launch of SafeTBrake, a patent-pending apparatus inspired by safety.  This revolutionary rotor-locking device provides an integrated lock on a fan that can protect equipment components from damage and stop a fan rotor in less than 1 minute. 

Industrial fan maintenance can be challenging and dangerous, especially with parallel fan systems that operate behind baghouses or electrostatic precipitators. Some fan rotors continue to rotate even when turned off as draft from other fans moves through the system.  Many facilities have relied on dangerous and inefficient methods for stopping fans.  The SafeTBrake eliminates the need for such methods, providing a safe and reliable solution for common issues associated with fans that run in parallel. 

“SafeTBrake protects equipment and saves unwanted downtime,” said Allen Ray, Vice President of ProcessBarron’s air handling group. “It locks the rotor to prevent it from free-wheeling backward and prevents damage to the bearings, couplings, and shaft when the motor is energized to start in the normal direction of rotation that is opposite to the free-wheeling rotation.”

SafeTBrake is a fully-assembled system consisting of dual air-applied calipers, air-ventilated discs designed for efficient stopping, and a positive holding and lock.  The brake system stops the rotor in less than a minute, enabling quick and safe fan maintenance. A pinning feature allows for physical lockout right at the fan for personnel entry into the fan.

SafeTBrake’s control package includes a manual on/off switch with an integrated safety feature for permissive start and stop logic.  The logic is set so that the brake will not engage if the motor is energized, and the motor cannot be energized if the calipers on the brake are engaged or locked.   This feature ensures a fan will never start moving again until the maintenance team is ready, adding another layer of reliable protection for equipment and employees.

About ProcessBarron 

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