The Pellet Sector of Biomass is Thriving: Pellet Exports for February and March


Pellets are biofuel feedstock made from compressed industrial waste, agricultural residues, energy crops, and lumber. They power a plethora of processes in the manufacturing industry, and the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service recently released updated reports on the performance of pellets.

Pellet Exports in February

Wood pellet exports reached 501,563.9 metric tons in February, which shows an increase from both the previous month and from February of the previous year.

January saw 386,778.7 metric tons of wood pellets exported, while February 2018 saw 476,303.6 metric tons exported.

During the month of February, the United States exported wood pellets to about 20 countries around the world, with the United Kingdom being the top buyer at 348,843.7 metric tons of pellets. Shortly behind the U.K., Denmark came in at 64,358.8 metric tons, the Netherlands with 58,602.4 million metric tons, Belgium-Luxembourg with 16,008 metric tons, and the French West Indies with 8,407.8 metric tons.

The value of February’s exports topped out at $63.73 million.

Pellet Exports in March

Wood pellet exports reached 610,554.3 metric tons in March, which shows an increase from both the previous month and from March of the previous year—March 2018 saw 374,446 metric tons exported.

During the month of March, the U.S. exported wood pellets to around 16 countries, including the U.K., Denmark, Belgium-Luxembourg, the French West Indies, the Netherlands, and Japan.

The U.K. held its perch at the top of the list, purchasing 481,122.4 metric tons. Denmark was a close second, with 78,646 tons, followed by Belgium-Luxembourg with 32,300 tons, the French West Indies with 14,055.9 tons, and the Netherlands with 1,593.5 tons.

The value of March’s exports topped out at $85.19 million, and the USDA forecasts the good health of the pellet industry in the near future.

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