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How Does U.S. Coal Power Plant Efficiency Stack Up?

How Does U.S. Coal Power Plant Efficiency Stack Up?

When it comes to coal power plants, efficiency is the name of the game. Ultimately, more efficiency means fewer bottom-line costs. Higher efficiency ratings mean that coal is more competitive against natural gas and renewables. All other things considered equal, pursuing higher efficiency can be… read more

The Three Types of Woodyards

Woodyards can be classified into three main categories: automated, manual, and semi-automated. Deciding on which approach best suits a facility’s needs requires careful evaluation of several criteria: Volume – the amount of fuel storage and throughput Size – the footprint for the woodyard Budget –… read more

Right-Sizing Industrial Draft Fans for Efficiency Gains

To achieve optimum efficiency, an industrial fan manufacturer needs to size and design a fan so that its performance curve and system resistance curve intersect at an efficient point. If the system resistance curve is not accurately predicted, fan performance and operating efficiency are likely… read more