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Biomass Ash Handling: Simplifying the Challenges

Ash handling is one of the most challenging aspects of boiler systems. Ash is incredibly corrosive on its own and frequently has debris such as sand mixed in with it. Because of this, it has the capacity to damage equipment, incurring costly repairs and unanticipated… read more

Optimizing a Southeastern Paper Mill

The ID fan and dust collection system at a paper mill in the Southeastern United States had a long-standing problem with inefficient dust particle capture, excessive pollution levels, and high energy costs. ProcessBarron modified the system to reduce system pressure drop and increase fan efficiency… read more

Fatigue Improvement Techniques for Welds

Most industrial machines and assembled with welds and subjected to fluctuating loads over their lifetimes. This represents a challenge since welding inherently lowers the fatigue life of any structure. This issue can be addressed with proper fatigue improvement techniques for welds. Most industrial machines and… read more