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IEP is a Better Way to Analyze

Our state-of-the-art infrared imaging & airflow testing helps identify equipment inefficiencies by looking through your plant's entire system.

Enhanced Analysis

Our IEP identifies, measures, and reviews critical and hard-to-reach industrial equipment and systems. It enhances analysis via drone thermal technology and extensive testing to detect any internal factors affecting performance.

Our IEP is an innovative investment meant to save your facility time, manpower, effort, and money. See how it can do just that through improved analysis, high-quality inspection, and high-value, streamlined ROI.

Our IEP reports on safety issues and hard-to-spot or previously unknown areas of concern throughout your entire system. These reports provide valuable insights for outage preparation and maintenance projects.

Holistic Picture

Our IEP provides your plant insights and tools to save you time, labor, effort, carbon emissions, and money through strategic decision-making. Per year, this program averages $100,000+ in savings for plants like yours.

Increased Savings

This program can be used in many key industrial sectors, including cement & limesteel & metalpower generation, and pulp & paper. Based in Birmingham, ProcessBarron and SouthernField-EEC have served these and other similar industries for years.

ProcessBarron developed IEP through a compelling mix of experience, innovation, and intention. This program resulted from our combined 50+ years of industry experience, This leading engineering expertise, and understanding of both ongoing and newfound industry needs.

We have knowledgeable and experienced engineers performing these inspections. They have a working knowledge of your equipment and system and can provide a more comprehensive assessment and a more thorough report.

For 40 years, we've partnered with industrial players to find the right fit for them. Our IEP is the latest installment toward that effort.

Our industrial drones use thermal imaging technology for smarter, safer, and more cost-efficient inspections. These drones can identify hotspots in difficult-to-inspect areas of your equipment without requiring expensive scaffolding or putting employees in potentially dangerous situations.

We provide post-inspection reports that help inform outage recommendations. These insights can lead to increased efficiency and minimize unnecessary downtime and costs.

Thermal Imaging with Industrial Drones

An Industry-Partnered Program

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Traditional system assessments keep costs high and time tight. Our IEP resolves these costly constraints through unmanned aircraft system (UAS) imaging, inspection, and post-inspection electronic reporting. For field performance in fans, IEP measures and maps:

  • Volumetric and mass flow rates

  • Outlet pressure

  • HP consumption

  • Efficiency

  • And more

It finds pressure losses, locates system in-leakage, and records temps in draft systems. IEP surveys fan bearing health and offers aerial and thermal inspection to check for corrosion, connective in-leakage, thermal insulation, etc. 

Plus, IEP offers savings to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as saved time, effort, and labor. Get improved means of inspection, analysis, and assessment with IEP.

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"ProcessBarron provided the highest quality and the best overall value...In the long run we felt like it would save a significant amount of money in maintenance and repair costs down the road.”

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Our IEP experts will perform a thorough inspection of your critical industrial systems with our one-of-a-kind process.

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See how our inspection data can inform more efficient outage work. Save time, effort, and money.

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ProcessBarron and Southern Field-EEC developed IEP through a compelling mix of experience, innovation, and intention. IEP was conceived through our combined 50+ years of industry experience, leading engineering expertise, and understanding of both ongoing and newfound industry needs. For 40 years, we’ve partnered with industrial players to find the right fit for them. IEP is the latest installment toward that effort. 

Our Expertise

An Industry Partnered Program


Industrial Airflow Testing

It's always a challenge when you know your system is underperforming but don't know the source of the problem. We test for pressure, flow, and power measurements at several points throughout your system to identify the location of any inefficiencies.

We can quantify this information to show you exactly what percentage of leakage you're experiencing and how much money your plant could save each year by resolving these problems.

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