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Taking a Total Systems Approach to Air Handling Systems

We recently developed an air handling system for a brownfield redevelopment project in Antioch, California, which really brought into focus our thinking about our total systems approach to air handling equipment. First and foremost, consider that the redeveloped plant: Was to have a net output of 930 megawatts Was to… Read More

Air Handling Efficiency Ratings that Really Matter

Increasingly, RFPs for air handling systems stress the need for efficiency. We’ve seen and responded to quite a lot of these requests, developing a host of strategies for addressing efficiency concerns for existing systems, as well as designing all-new, bleeding-edge draft systems that raise the bar. In reviewing all of… Read More

5 Things to Know About Draft System Assessments

More often than not, draft systems and industrial fans are not operating at their peak efficiency. Given today’s competitive climate, evaluating the operation of these fans and systems to adjust capacity and examining ways to improve efficiencies is a smart business decision. Simple steps, big savings. Often, engineers overlook the… Read More