Live Bottom Metering Bins

ProcessBarron custom designs metering bins to minimize or eliminate plugging, and store a specified amount of material to prevent interruptions of fuel feed from the main storage area to the combustion process area. Fuel is then metered from the bin with variable speed controlled screws protected by an abrasion resistant ceramic coating or chromium carbide weld overlay.

The speed of the individual screws controls the fuel distribution and amount of fuel in the combustion process.

Rugged bin construction ensures long service life

Bark bin construction features heavy abrasion resistant steel bottoms, screw flights, and convenient access doors for easy screw removal and maintenance. Complete metering bin assemblies include configured motors, drive shafts and bearings. Process Barron can also design and engineer a custom monorail system for bark bin screw replacement.

Our field services teams can assist with equipment inspection and routine maintenance according to scheduled outages. We offer emergency equipment repair 24 hours a day to get you up and running quickly should problems occur, and can manufacture most any replacement part for your materials handling equipment within 48 hours.

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