The Benefits of Using a Backward Curved Fan in Air Handling

backward curved fan

When it comes to air handling, there are many considerations as to what type of fan you’ll have in your plant – whether it’s a radial fan or a curved fan, etc.

In certain operating environments, a backward curved fan may be the best option. There are benefits to be had by using this fan type in particular conditions.

Backward curved fans operate in environments in which high static efficiency is needed. This type of fan also offers a non-overloading horsepower characteristic.This first benefit is particularly important as high static efficiency means energy savings in the form of brake horsepower, which reduces plants’ operating costs. The last benefit is also significant, as the prime mover (if sized correctly) does not run out of horsepower even at the extreme flow.

Our custom backward curved fans are rugged construction and fabricated from A588, high strength carbon steels – A514/A517, and other exotic alloys that can withstand structural and thermal stresses. The design ProcessBarron offers contributes significantly to the durability of the system.

Building Backward Curved Fans

As mentioned, at ProcessBarron we customize our backward curved fans for specific application needs. Reliability is paramount in our design consideration and our goal is to offer the longest possible operating lifespan for the fan system.

Our decades of experience have also given us insight not only into how these fans should be engineered and constructed, but also into which environments work best for this specific type of fan. Not every environment is well-suited to a backward curved fan, as these types of fans are susceptible to material buildup. However,if built correctly, backward curved fans can provide significant benefits over other types of fans and warrant consideration when you’re evaluating your air handling needs for your facility.

ProcessBarron engineers, fabricates, and installs backward curved fans and other air handling equipment in a broad range of facilities and industries. Contact the team for more information.