Weigel Engineering is ProcessBarron’s Boiler Technology Division

Since 1937, Weigel Engineering has specialized in the design of pressure part changes for existing boilers. In 1995, Weigel was integrated into ProcessBarron (then Process Equipment) as the company’s Boiler Technology Division. By joining Weigel’s engineering expertise with Process Equipment’s dust collector, fan, and material handling capabilities, the company created the foundation for ProcessBarron’s total system solution, which encompasses all levels of service from design through installation.

Today, ProcessBarron’s Boiler Technology Division continues the legacy of Weigel Engineering, engineering and executing boiler retrofits for all industries. Areas of focus include air heaters, boiler grate replacements, boiler upgrades, economizers, and overfire air systems.

While the Boiler Technology Division focuses on engineering, ProcessBarron’s fully integrated approach to boiler systems complements these design services with manufacturing and installation capabilities, offering total systems solutions for boiler retrofits, including the flexibility to handle projects on a union or non-union basis.

For more information on ProcessBarron’s present-day Boiler Technology Division, please visit the Boiler Division page or call us at 888-663-2028 for more information.