PE Flo-Tech is Part of ProcessBarron’s Air Handling Group

PE Flo-Tech Inc. became part of ProcessBarron in 2004, bringing the company’s comprehensive line of heavy-duty precision dampers, expansion joints, and kiln seals for all industrial and utility applications to ProcessBarron’s Air Handling Group. These products include fan inlet dampers, guillotine dampers, louver dampers, opposed blade dampers, parallel blade dampers, variable inlet vanes, vortex dampers, fabric expansion joints, metal expansion joints, and kiln seals and replacement kiln seal parts.

PE Flo-Tech Inc.’s service departments also joined ProcessBarron, which today continues to offer engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, technical assistance, and installation services for dampers and expansion joints. Manufacturing specialties include the creation of dampers for especially corrosive or hot environments and the creation of insulation or castable refractory casings for high-temperature systems.

If you are looking to replace a PE Flo-Tech component or need technical guidance, our experienced staff is here to help. Call us today at 1-888-663-2028 so we can discuss how to you lower equipment costs and improve the operating efficiency and reliability of your industrial air handling systems.