Barron Industries — The “Barron” in ProcessBarron

Process Equipment purchased the assets of Barron Industries in 2002 thus creating a new company that goes by the marketing name ProcessBarron. This purchase created a total systems solutions provider by merging Barron’s new fan and air handling expertise with Process Equipment’s air handling, material handling, and field service capabilities.

Barron Industries’ core services include:

  • General fabrication of flues and ductwork, stacks, access ladders, platforms, tanks and bins
  • Guillotine, louver, butterfly and vortex dampers fabricated in all shapes, sizes and metallurgies
  • Metallic and non-metallic expansion joints in all shapes and sizes
  • Mechanical dust collectors, including multiclone and larger-diameter cyclone types
  • Fan repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades for all shapes, sizes, types and metallurgies

ProcessBarron continues to offer all of these Barron Industries air handling system services, as well as new fan design, manufacture and installation, either as discrete offerings or as part of ProcessBarron’s total system solutions.

Call us today at 1-888-663-2028 and let a ProcessBarron engineer show you the advantages of our approach to complete systems responsibility, whether you are contemplating a new installation, a retrofit, or need field services or emergency repairs.