Power & Utilities

ProcessBarron’s extensive team of engineers, fabricators, and field services experts work in tandem to deliver superior results. Our team’s combined expertise allows ProcessBarron to deliver complete material handling systems that meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Results that Affect Your Plant’s Bottom Line

We worked with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s Escalante Generating Station in Prewitt, New Mexico, to improve their plant’s efficiency. Below are a few excerpts from our case analysis. Read the full analysis to learn more.

“ProcessBarron carried out every phase of additional testing, design, engineering, and manufacturing to create an improved rotating assembly for the fans, with cones and shaft seals. ProcessBarron then coordinated with Tri-State to deliver and install the units during the plant’s annual maintenance outage.”

“The retrofit produced significantly improved efficiency in the plant, with an estimated fan energy savings of over $459,133 per year, meaning that the retrofit paid for itself in less than 12 months.”

From our custom designed industrial fans to skilled installation and construction, we have the material handling solutions to meet your power plant’s needs. Let us help your utility plants get back to full capacity as quickly as possible.

Air Handling Solutions

Certifications:  CFX Analysis, FEA Analysis, AWSO 14.6, Fans tested to Amplitude 10

Need help with biomass air handling systems? Check out ProcessBarron’s long history of working in the biomass industry, and contact us to find out how you can help.