What is biomass? The term covers a wide range of fuel sources, including waste-derived fuels, wood pellets, organic waste, and municipal waste. One of the key drivers for the increased usage of these fuels is government subsidies — and we expect this trend to continue for years to come.

To get a truly cost-effective biomass handling system, you need a completely integrated solution. This solution should take into account all key delivery and storage points, as well as the method of conveying between them. There are many other considerations to be made, as well, and ProcessBarron is ready to outfit your plant for optimal operational capacity.

Beyond equipment fabrication and installation, ProcessBarron’s field services save biomass plants from extended downtime and lost productivity. Whether your plant needs new methods to reduce excessive particulate matter from its emissions or needs to retrofit or upgrade its draft system, ProcessBarron provides lasting solutions for all of your fuel, air, and ash handling needs.

Fuel Handling

  • Metering Bins: Live Bottom Bark Bin, Sludge Bin, TDF Bin
  • Reclaimers: Underpile Chain Reclaimer,  Traveling Screw Reclaimer, Slewing Screw Reclaimer

Ash Handling

Air Handling

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