Southern Field

A ProcessBarron Subsidiary

SouthernField-Environmental Elements (SouthernField-EEC) is a ProcessBarron subsidiary with a specialization in maintenance. They pride themselves on being industry leaders when it comes to maintaining, repairing, upgrading, or replacing equipment for the industrial and power generation marketplaces. 

SouthernField-EEC has a diverse staff of project managers, engineers, safety staff, field service engineers, superintendents, and over 100 field construction workers. They are spread across three conveniently located offices in Luverne, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida; and Arden, North Carolina. 

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  • Emergency repairs
  • Routine repairs and maintenance
  • Replacement parts
  • Technical evaluations and inspections

Woodyard Maintenance

  • Emergency Repairs
  • Routine and outage maintenance
  • Replacement parts

General Maintenance and Fabrication

  • Pulverizer repairs
  • SCR catalyst replacement
  • Air heater re-tubing & maintenance
  • Lungstrom air heater maintenance
  • Pump rebuilds/repair in shop
  • General construction

Air Pollution Control

  • Electrostatic Precipitator maintenance and repair
  • Baghouse maintenance and repair
  • Engineered rebuilds and upgrades
  • Technical inspections and equipment evaluations
  • Engineered spare parts for all OEM equipment
  • Emergency services