Circular Screw Reclaimers

Circular Screw Reclaimer Design

The heavy-duty construction of ProcessBarron’s circular screw reclaimers makes it well-suited for biomass-related fuels. ProcessBarron’s circular screw reclaimer construction is engineered based on custom pile height and fuel material weight requirements and is fabricated from abrasion resistant steel.

A special abrasion resistant coating protects the barrel from material wear. Circular flights are specially designed to pull the pile down uniformly toward the center chute, and motion sensors monitor proper reclaimer operation. These assemblies include motors, bearings and drives.

The technology for circular screw reclaimers is offered through a licensee agreement with Raumaster Oy from Rauma, Finland. Raumaster Oy has over 30 years experience with traveling screw reclaimer technology and has hundreds of installations across the world, including the U.S.A. and Canada.

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