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Reclaimers for All Applications

At ProcessBarron, we’re here to provide easier material handling throughout your reclaiming processes. Our bulk material handling products give you solutions you can count on time and again. We offer a variety of storage and reclaimer solutions, from traveling linear screws to underpile drag reclaimers to circular screws. We help keep effort to a minimum and efficiency to a maximum no matter the type of system your plant is running.


Bulk Handling Solutions for All Applications

ProcessBarron designs and fabricates bulk material handling reclaimers for all types of boiler feed systems. Our engineers can design a custom reclaimer solution to fit specific storage space and feed capacity requirements.  Additionally, we will tailor reclaimer dimensions and work with existing equipment to reduce project costs.

At ProcessBarron, we specialize in customization. While focusing on performance and efficiency, we can craft your bulk handling systems to your specifications. Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind system derived from our extensive technical knowledge, comprehensive understanding  of your needs,   and our company’s  40-years experience as an industry leader. 

Not only do we custom build reclaiming systems: we also do the same with our storage solutions, including silos and more.

Why We Should Be Your Reclaim Systems Solution

ProcessBarron has been designing, manufacturing, and installing reclaimers throughout North America for decades. During that time, our team has developed a solid understanding of the best bulk handling reclaimer systems for the power, biomass steel and metal, and the pulp and paper industries. ProcessBarron custom-designs an array of reclaimers, including:

Circular Screw Reclaimers

Designed for heavy duty use, ProcessBarron’s circular screw reclaimers excel in the handling of biomass-related fuels. Its abrasion-resistant steel makeup helps thwart the effects of material wear over time, ensuring a lasting durability. The technology for our circular screw reclaimers is offered through a license agreement with Raumaster Oy, from Rauma, Finland. Raumaster Oy has over 30 years experience in screw reclaimer technology with hundreds of installations world-wide.

Drag Chain Reclaimers

Usable for a host of bulk materials from coal to petroleum coke, underpile drag reclaimers serve as a simple, cost-effective method for addressing reclaiming needs. The key to drag chain reclaimers’ success is their custom configuration. Drag chain reclaimer assemblies can be outfitted with a number of drag chains to accommodate different applications and volume requirements. And provide a steady fuel flow due to well-calibrated gear reducers, roller drive systems, and motor. Our expertise and high capacity capabilities combined with low maintenance requirements make ProcessBarron underpile drag chain conveyors economical and reliable.

Traveling Screw Reclaimers

Also powered by Raumaster Oy technology, our traveling screw reclaimers feature a protective abrasion-resistant layer on the spiral flights that are welded to a core screw. This ceramic, tungsten carbide, or chromium carbide coating helps ensure reclaimers can withstand wear and tear, significantly increasing product durability. Traveling screw reclaimers transfer biomass particles and other bulk materials from storage piles into the boiler feeder system.

Material Handling Made Easy

ProcessBarron’s engineering team works to determine the best material handling reclaimers.  We strive to desire our systems with  a high degree of redundancy to ensure that  your fuel feed system continues to run efficiently, effectively, and deliver high throughput. Our experts in bulk material handling systems will work with you to determine the various options  available and will help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your plant’s reclaimer and feed system needs.   

Plus, ProcessBarron provides thorough service solutions for your bulk materials handling systems . Our technicians and engineers are available 24/7 to help resolve any issues that may pop up, ensuring that your processes run smoothly through and through.

To get in touch with us or learn more about our products, contact a local sales representative today. If you’d like to know how our offers compare, you can also request a quote on our bulk material handling systems or any of our other premier products.