Custom Material Handling Conveyors

Custom Conveyor Solutions

Our material flow handling conveyors are designed to reduce maintenance and maximize efficiency. Because of the intense and unrelenting environments of feed systems, ProcessBarron builds feed conveyors to endure a wide array of factors. To prevent corrosion, abrasion and to withstand high temperatures common in many applications, ProcessBarron’s feed conveyors are fabricated with specialized alloys and coatings.

Drag chain conveyors and screw conveyors are typically used to handle hot, abrasive and/or corrosive materials in a dust tight environment, while belt conveyors are utilized to economically handle a variety of solid materials over long distances. ProcessBarron’s material handling conveyors can handle a wide array of material from coal, wood, biomass, TDF, ash, lime or other bulk materials.

Redesign & Retrofitting Material Handling Conveyors

ProcessBarron also specializes in the redesign and retrofit of existing materials flow handling equipment, regardless of original manufacturer. We have the capabilities to come to the jobsite and evaluate your existing equipment and make design changes to that equipment for improved performance and reliability with minimal cost to your budget. Our trained field personnel can make the changes with minimal downtime to the plant operation.

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