Bulk Materials Handling

ProcessBarron manufactures and maintains equipment and systems from concept to completion to meet all your plant’s bulk material handling needs, including lime, biomass, wood pellets, coal, aggregate, grain, and many other bulk materials. We are a turnkey solutions provider for new systems and the industry leader in analyzing existing bulk material handling equipment and systems to identify opportunities for improved performance and reliability at your facility.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

With over 40 years of field experience, ProcessBarron has the proven technology and engineering expertise  to meet the industry’s complex demands. Our custom bulk material handling equipment is known for its ruggedness and reliability. We go above and beyond the competition by assisting our customers with routine equipment maintenance to ensure maximum productivity. For bulk material handling, we offer: 

  • Complete Bulk Materials Handling Systems: ProcessBarron has the in-house capabilities to design, engineer, manufacture, install, and maintain systems for various bulk materials. Our systems include provisions for receiving, storing, sizing, classifying, reclaiming materials, and more. 
  • Reclaim Systems for Storage & Metering: ProcessBarron has designed, manufactured, and installed reclaimers across the county for decades. We are your source for reclaimers for all applications. 
  • Custom Material Handling Conveyors: Our custom conveyor solutions are made to be durable, reliable, reduce maintenance, and maximize efficiency. ProcessBarron also specializes in redesigning and retrofitting existing materials flow handling equipment, including conveyors. 
  • Materials Screening & Classifying: Our experts can custom design your materials screening and classifying systems to meet your production demands and system needs. This  includes screening, material sizing, and foreign object material removal. 
  • Material Handling Components & Spare Parts: We are committed to keeping a complete parts inventory and ensuring quick delivery and installation. We have a full suite of material handling equipment components & spare parts for rapid part replacement. 

We offer an extensive range of bulk material handling equipment to meet your plant’s operational needs. We have in-house capabilities to design, engineer, manufacture, install and maintain systems for various bulk materials. 

Our bulk material handling equipment is designed and assembled in our manufacturing shops to minimize installation costs and production downtime at the job site. Our custom bulk material equipment includes belt, screw, and drag conveyors, circular and traveling screw reclaimers, materials screening and hog towers, and more. 

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Bulk Material Handling Equipment Repair

ProcessBarron, regardless of the original manufacturer, specializes in redesigning, retrofitting, and repairing bulk material handling equipment. We even offer emergency repair services for bulk material handling equipment. Our trained field engineers and crews can evaluate your existing equipment and make design changes to improve its performance and reliability with minimal cost to your budget and minimal downtime to the plant operation.

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