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Preserve Your Equipment with Mechanical Dust Collectors

Mechanical dust collectors have been used with biomass-fired boilers for more than 60 years. Today, they are primarily integrated into air handling systems as a “precleaner” that removes ash and sand particles from flue gas, thereby extending the operational life of induced draft (ID) fans… read more

Taking a Total Systems Approach to Air Handling Systems

We recently developed an air handling system for a brownfield redevelopment project in Antioch, California, which really brought into focus our thinking about our total systems approach to air handling equipment. First and foremost, consider that the redeveloped plant: Was to have a net output… read more

Air Handling Efficiency Ratings that Really Matter

Increasingly, RFPs for air handling systems stress the need for efficiency. We’ve seen and responded to quite a lot of these requests, developing a host of strategies for addressing efficiency concerns for existing systems, as well as designing all-new, bleeding-edge draft systems that raise the… read more

Optimize Your Draft System

In one plant, design flaws in its baghouse fans were causing them to run at only 15.6-percent fan efficiency, costing the facility over $500,000 in unnecessary operating costs annually. Retrofitting the baghouse ID fans with optimized specs paid off with an eight-month return on investment. … read more