How ProcessBarron Created HRSG Isolation Doors for a Customer

ProcessBarron designs, manufactures, and installs isolation doors to protect Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) systems. These HRSG systems are commonly found in coke plants, power plants, desalination plants, and universities. They are used to recover heat from hot gas streams, thereby generating steam for cogeneration or exclusive electrical generation. The… Read More

Product Spotlight: Drag Conveyor Components

ProcessBarron keeps a large variety of spare parts on hand—our goal is to stock all necessary drag conveyor components to meet our customers’ needs and ensure that they remain operational or return to efficiency as quickly as possible. Keep reading for more about our equipment maintenance services, and specifically our… Read More

How The Properties of Particulates Affect Air Pollution Control

In this post, Ivan Sretenovic, Director of Operations and Sales for ProcessBarron Canada, explains how ProcessBarron’s expertise in various industrial processes and the resulting flue gas particulate properties helps us customize solutions to your industry. Air pollution control solutions (APC) vary by industry, and each industry faces different challenges because… Read More

Women In Manufacturing: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Over the past several decades, women have continued to make inroads into the exciting and challenging industrial manufacturing industry. There are countless opportunities for women currently in the field seeking leadership positions and female students considering a career in STEM to impact the future of manufacturing. Learn more about the history and future of women in manufacturing! Read More