Steam Turbine Skids: Industrial Manufacturing

ProcessBarron is an integrator and service provider to the steam turbine industry. We have a facility dedicated to steam turbines in Stevenson Alabama, servicing steam turbines throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Integration Capabilities

Steam Turbine Drive Packages

Fan, pump and compressor drives.

Steam Turbine Generators

Power Generation for process industries.

Our integration package typically includes the turbine, driven equipment (whether it is a generator or mechanical drive), control system, lube oil system as well as the Balance of Plant scope. For backpressure turbines that likely includes the steam turbine bypass piping, civil design, electrical design and controls implementation.

Steam Turbine Skid at the University of Washington

Often bypass pressure reducing valve stations are included, with desuperheating included in our scope downstream of the valve bypass. In condensing applications, we will often include condensers, cooling towers, pumps and piping in our Balance of Plant scope.

The Benefits of Steam Turbine Skids

The benefit of using ProcessBarron for your steam turbine integration needs is that we understand process plants and the variability of load. Steam turbine OEM’s can often provide integration services, but there are several downsides to that approach:

ProcessBarron Understands Your Process

ProcessBarron understands your process, and its variability. Steam turbine OEM’s want you to provide one or two load points from which they can select one of their turbine designs. By providing ProcessBarron with your steam load data, we can integrate the steam turbine performance over the annualized period, offering full kWh prediction, not just a single point kW calculation.

ProcessBarron Understands Your Equipment

ProcessBarron understands the driven equipment. We manufacture fans & blowers, and supply custom pump skids and service. While the steam turbine is important, understanding the driven equipment is critical. We know electricity, safety relays, utility interconnection requirements, fan and pump loads.

ProcessBarron Can Select Turbines from any OEM

ProcessBarron can select turbines from any OEM. That gives us the flexibility of selecting the best turbine to meet the needs of both the steam conditions, and the driven equipment. In an industrial process plant, that typically means highly variable loads. We can predict performance over the entire variability of that load profile, not just the one or two points the turbine OEM’s will provide.

ProcessBarron Manufactures in the USA

ProcessBarron manufactures in the USA. Based in Pelham, Alabama, with a turbine service center in Stevenson Alabama, and field service across the United States and Canada, we can support you locally. All turbine OEM’s are manufacturing outside the US. Given tax incentives for Buy America clauses, ProcessBarron offers opportunities to qualify for those significant tax incentives.

Steam Turbine Types

Our steam turbine packages are specifically designed for industrial use. Robust, maintenance friendly designs tailored to variable process loads.

Single Stage Steam Turbines

Whether a true single stage or Curtis stage design, we offer packages that can handle any process plant steam condition. These are typically backpressure design turbines that drive small generators, feedwater pumps, condensate pumps, forced draft and induced draft fans. Typical efficiencies range from 50-70%.

Multi-Stage Steam Turbines

Multi-stage turbines can be used in both backpressure and condensing applications. Industrial grade multi-stage turbines can achieve up to 80% efficiency. Larger critical power generating turbines can achieve efficiencies up to 85%, though they are somewhat uncommon in industrial plants.

Extraction-Condensing and Extraction-Back Pressure Turbines

These are turbines designed for multiple outlet steam conditions. A common example is a sawmill that has a high pressure boiler, but steam to the lumber kilns operates at low pressure. 

Having an extraction that feeds the kiln, with a condensing exhaust allows the kiln process to vary, while the boiler operates at a constant rate. The condensing load varies to accommodate the needs of the kiln process. Similar examples exist at pulp and paper mills, ethanol plants, universities, oil & gas plants, and many more.

Services for Steam Turbine Generators

Steam Turbine Generator Installation

ProcessBarron considers factors like piping layout, foundation design, and alignment, utilizing in-house knowledge and expertise for safe and precise turbine installations. Our team can also oversee all electrical and control system connections, ensuring proper communication and synchronization with your existing system.

Performance Testing

We utilize advanced diagnostic tools, simulation models and performance tests to evaluate your turbine’s efficiency, output, and overall health. Our comprehensive testing identifies areas for optimization, such as steam flow characteristics, blade performance, and heat transfer. Based on test results, we provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations to maximize your turbine’s power generation and cost savings.

Turbine Repair and Upgrades

Our team of certified technicians have extensive knowledge of various steam turbine models and components. We offer a full range of repair services, from routine maintenance and component replacements to major overhauls and troubleshooting complex issues. We can also discuss upgrade options to improve your turbine’s efficiency, reliability, and extend its operational lifespan.

Check out our real-world case studies along with the benefits of upgrading your steam turbine in our blog!

What Sets ProcessBarron Apart

Application Knowledge

We go beyond a single design point. Our team has the ability to analyze your specific steam data to select the best turbine for your operating range, maximizing power output and efficiency.

US Manufacturing Advantage

While major OEMs have shifted manufacturing overseas, ProcessBarron offers a unique advantage. We can design and manufacture key auxiliary equipment in-house, including lube oil systems, seal leak-off condensers, and even larger items like condensers and cooling towers. This gives us greater flexibility on balancing the plant’s overall system.

Generator Expertise

We understand that the generator is the heart of your power generation system. ProcessBarron has years of expertise with these types of systems, of varying sizes and applications. We help you define the optimal generator considering factors like enclosure, sound attenuation, cooling, and more. We also have excellent relationships with top generator suppliers.

Control System Design

ProcessBarron provides custom steam turbine control systems. We ensure you receive a US-made interface with clear navigation and units familiar to your operators.

Aftermarket Services

Our commitment can continue beyond the installation. We have a dedicated steam turbine service shop and field teams to provide regular inspections, maintenance to assist in the manufacturing process, and overhauls. We also maintain relationships with third-party specialists and offer spare parts for major OEMs.

ProcessBarron is your one-stop shop for all your steam turbine needs. From expert selection and installation, to comprehensive aftermarket support, we ensure your turbine operates at peak efficiency and delivers reliable power, increasing productivity. Contact us for more about all our steam turbine generator services.