A Reliable Brake Solution To Safely Stop, Lock, and Protect Your Parallel Fan Systems

SafeTBrake is a first-of-its-kind rotor-locking device that can bring your industrial fan to a full stop in under 1 minute. This brake system is ideal for groups of fans behind a baghouse or electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and other industrial fans that operate in parallel.

SafeTBrake is a reliable solution that provides a safe and secure maintenance environment for personnel.

Minimize maintenance downtime by eliminating long cost-downs with SafeTBrake. And your fan won’t start moving again until you are ready and will never reverse motion. 

Safety, Protection, and Convenience

Eliminate long spin-down times while protecting your equipment and your team with SafeTBrake. Call 800-226-3267 or request a quote to find out what SafeTBrake can do for your facility today!

Product Specifications

  • Dual-disc brake system for dynamic stopping and holding
  • High-energy brake discs with an air-applied brake caliper on each 
  • 30-second stop time from 900 rpm using 50 psi air pressure 
  • Eliminates free-spinning and engaging the motor in reverse to protect workers and eliminate damage to bearings, coupling, and shaft.  
  • Control package includes a manual On/Off push button switch and an integrated safety switch brake engagement when the motor is energized.

Compatible Fan Systems

SafeTBrake is compatible with industrial fan systems, including:

Learn More About SafeTBrake

SafeTBrake is essential for safe and efficient industrial fan repair. Contact us to learn more about this innovative new product or ProcessBarron’s industry-leading emergency repair services.