Ducts and Stacks

Custom-Built Ducts and Stacks

ProcessBarron custom designs and manufactures industrial steel ducts and stacks for most industrial applications, in a wide variety of configurations to suit the needs of our customers. From low temperature, wet, acidic stacks found after many flue gas scrubbers, to the very high temperatures and volumes found in turbine exhaust.

We offer two basic configurations of stacks: Single and Dual wall. Both are available with or without insulation, or with insulation/liner composites; for hot-surface protection of personnel and carbon steel shells, or to maintain flue gas temperatures above the acid dew point to prevent corrosive condensation from developing inside the stack.

Due to ProcessBarrons’ experience with fans we know the value of energy loss through systems. And, that the design of a stack or duct system must work in concert with the best possible flow that balances efficiency with structural integrity.

ProcessBarrons’ stack design utilizes the latest computer technology with commonly accepted engineering practice. With our in-house knowledge and experience we offer a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, no-nonsense, practical and proven approach to the design and manufacture of steel stacks.

When needed, we supply Helical Spoilers to address possible, damaging dynamic loads caused by vortex shedding.