Flow Diverters

Diverter Damper Design

For heat recovery systems, flow diverter dampers will direct the gas to a waste heat recovery system or in a bypass mode through a silencer or stack. These diverter dampers can be manufactured with a single end pivoted blade to direct gas flow into one of the two damper outlets.

The turbine exhaust diverter damper can be furnished complete with two dampers, T-duct sections, expansion joints, and damper actuators with fail-safe systems.

ProcessBarron’s skilled team of craftsmen manufacture and assemble specialty flap dampers in-house at our Alabama facilities. Our field service department specializes in turn-key installation of new dampers and the inspection, maintenance, and thorough analysis of problems with existing equipment. All custom flow diverter dampers are designed, manufactured, shop assembled, and tested in-house before shipping.

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