Kiln Seals & Seal Leaves

Kiln Seals & Seal Leaves

ProcessBarron offers both “standard” and “inverted” designs to accommodate what is best required for each kiln. We can also recommend the appropriate ID fan modifications needed for increased operational efficiency and capacity.

ProcessBarron’s rotating kiln seals are used to prevent the escape of contaminates from a rotating kiln incinerator. The basic assembly consists of a truing ring, riding band, seal leaves and a leaf support ring. The truing ring and riding band are attached to the rotating kiln shell. The leaf support ring is mounted to a new or existing hood assembly.

Individual, overlapping seal leaves are placed in a spring loaded position around the diameter of the rotating kiln between the riding band and leaf support ring. This creates a pressurized seal that reduces material loss and virtually eliminates air in-leakage. The seal leaves are able to maintain tension during kiln growth (both radial expansion and axial movement) by being able to move along the width of the riding band.

Listed below are several features of our in-house capabilities and kiln seal designs.

  • Ability to work with any size or age kiln
  • Ability to duplicate other manufacturer’s designs and replacement parts
  • Turnkey project capabilities
  • Eliminates up to 99% of unwanted air in-leakage
  • Corrects kiln runout and eccentricities, providing better sealing and long kiln seal leaf life.
  • Heavy-duty construction with spring tempered stainless steel leaves

Common component descriptions used in our kiln seal assemblies:

Truing Ring – This is an angular ring welded to the kiln shell to correct for rotational runout. The inside diameter of the truing ring is made to fit the outside diameter of the kiln shell. The truing ring is furnished with a larger outside diameter to allow truing by rotating the kiln and trimming to the correct diameter and true rotation of the kiln. This provides a concentric rotating surface for the riding band.

Riding Band – This is attached to the truing ring and provides a concentric and smooth surface for the seal leaves to ride against. The riding band is of sufficient length to support the seal leaves due to the liner expansion of the kiln when hot. The riding band provides for a cooler surface for the leaves to ride on as compared to the kiln shell.

Hood Adapter Flange – This is aligned with the riding band and provides a surface for mounting and attaching the leaf support housing.

Leaf Support Housing – This is bolted to the hood adapter flange, which in turn provides a conical surface for mounting the spring loaded seal leaves. This conical surface provides the correct tension for the seal leaf to assure a good air seal and excellent wear characteristics, since the riding band is attached and rotating with the kiln while the seal leaves are stationary.

Seal Leaves – These are furnished in a stainless steel spring tempered full hard alloy, which insures a tight seal, good flexing and exceptional wear characteristics. The seal leaves are overlapped to allow for independent flexure due to any future runout in the kiln shell. They are designed to accommodate up to 3.0″ total runout in the kiln shell. Replacement of the seal leaves can be done externally, one at a time as needed, without removing any part of the seal.

Material Spillage Hopper – This can be provided at the bottom of the leaf support housing to accommodate for any material spillage into the seal housing. The hopper provides a relief for material to be collected and contained for discharge through the material/air valve.

Material/Air Valve – This contains a single flap with an external adjustable counterweight. The material accumulates above the valve and discharges through the valve by gravity to a selected point. The primary function of the valve is to prevent outside air from being pulled into the kiln.

Qualified technicians are available to inspect and measure your existing kiln so repair/replacement pricing can be quickly provided. We also have large quantities of various size kiln seal leaves in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Contact us today to see how your kiln’s power consumption can be reduced by using a Process/Barron kiln seal.