Boiler Retrofits & Upgrades

Boiler Division

The ProcessBarron Boiler Division is a flexible service that strives to meet the specific needs of our customers. Engineering projects include consulting, engineering or detailed design. For a boiler retrofit or boiler upgrade projects, the Boiler Technology Division may provide engineering services only, engineering and material, or engineering, materials and construction. All pressure part field work is subcontracted or performed by an A.S.M.E. certified and approved boiler company. This arrangement offers the flexibility of handling projects on a union or non-union basis.

Detailed shop drawings of new materials are created in-house for boiler retrofits and boiler redesigns. The fabrication of materials is performed by either ProcessBarron or is subcontracted to an A.S.M.E. code shop that has been approved by a ProcessBarron quality control manager.

Since its inception, it has specialized in boiler retrofits and boiler upgrades of pressure part changes to existing boilers. The company installed the waterwalls on Detroit Stoker Company’s first traveling grate spreader stoker at Iowa State University in 1938. The company also installed Detroit Stoker Company’s first Vibragrate Stoker, as well as the first Detroit water cooled Hydrograte Stoker firing wood waste.