Air Heaters & Economizers

Turnkey Air Heaters and Economizers

ProcessBarron offers turnkey air heater and economizer solutions including design, manufacture, and field installation.

ProcessBarron gained its air heater and economizer design experience through its purchase of Weigel Engineering in 1995. We can design equipment for biomass, natural gas, coal, and refuse boilers, whatever the conditions require.

Air Heaters

At ProcessBarron, we design air heaters with the flue gas going through either the inside of the tubes or the outside. Air heaters with the flue gas going through the inside will be designed with the tubes rolled gas tight on both ends to prevent leakage. We design these air heaters with expansion joints between one tube sheet and the air frame so if there is ever expansion joint leakage, there will be no air leakage into the gas stream.

Our modular air heater designs reduce the amount of time it takes to perform field installation.


ProcessBarron specializes in redesigning economizers that are experiencing problems such as erosion, corrosion, or vibration. Process Barron will furnish a redesigned economizer manufactured to ASME Power Boiler code latest revision.

Process Barron offers turnkey economizer solutions including design, manufacturing, and installation. Our economizer field installation is performed through partnership with certified ASME boiler contractors.