Company History

A History of Success and Expansion

In 1981, Process Equipment, Inc. was formed to offer fan impeller fabrication, general heavy steel fabrication, and engineering design services. When the question of “What more can we do for our customers?” was raised, the founders expanded their offerings to include industrial fan repair and rebuild, fuel and ash handling systems, air system auxiliary equipment, and field installation. Through this growth, we found a strong demand for on-site field work and time-sensitive technical services — such as repairs and maintenance shutdowns — which Process Equipment soon began offering. 

From the late ‘80s to the mid ‘90s, Process Equipment continued to expand. Service and production capabilities grew as the business gained a licensing agreement with Raumaster Oy, a leading European materials handling company. Process Equipment also acquired Weigel Engineering, an engineering firm dedicated to repairing accessory parts for boilers and air heaters.

In May of 2002, Process Equipment purchased Barron Industries, a pillar of the fan industry with over 40 years of experience in air handling equipment and systems. This event expanded our  market share and integrated solution strategy of fan and system services, leading to the new name, ProcessBarron. 

In the last two decades, ProcessBarron has made a handful of other company purchases to further expand specialized services. This includes PE Flo-Tech  — which specialized in dampers, expansion joints, and air handling accessory parts — and Southern Field Maintenance & Fabrication — which provided additional field installation and technical service resources.

Today, ProcessBarron is stronger than ever, manufacturing, installing, repairing and servicing air and gas as one of the best material handling equipment manufacturers around the globe.